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Celebrating 11 years of Facet5 in Poland, we would like to invite you to join us and experts from Facet5 to a day of learning and insights.

Part 1: LEADERSHIP – a Polish Perspective                                                                  

Join us for a facilitated conversation on the Polish Leader of the future. In a fast pace world, successful leadership has become a key differentiator for organisational success.  Join us to discuss:

  • Who is the Polish leader of the future? 
  • What can Facet5 tell us about Polish leadership?
  • What are Facet5’s Global Clients doing in the leadership space?
  • What are the opportunities for your business to leap ahead of the competition?

Part 2: FACET5 in practice

Come be a part of a growing and exciting Facet5 Practitioner community. In this interactive afternoon session will be focusing on how organisations can increase performance by employing and retaining the right talent using Facet5.

Who should attend the Facet5 conference?

  • Presidents, Directors and Managers who are interested in leadership and how to leverage as an organisational advantage.
  • Managers and teams responsible for selection, recruitment and retaining talent.
  • HR specialists, Consultants, Trainers, Coaches and Mentors.
  • People who are interested in the development of leadership competencies and occupational psychology. 

Norman Buckley Norman Buckley
The Author of Facet5


Take part in a facilitated conversations on the Polish perspective of leadership – meet with Norman Buckley and other Facet5 experts. 

  • What Facet5 tells us about the national characteristics of Polish leaders?
  • What are the national characteristics of leaders from other countries and how to work effectively together?
  • What does this mean for you and your leadership development strategies?
  • How has Facet5 supported the implementation of global leadership development projects?
  • How does occupational psychology help leaders manage and strengthen organizational performance?
  • What can Facet5 do for you?

Norman Buckley Norman Buckley
The author of Facet5

Grant Gemmell
Grant Gemmell
GM Facet5

Tracy Arnold
Head of Global Clients

Dik Veenman
Author Right Conversation

What is Facet5?

Facet5  is  a global measure of personality driven by a passion for development. Used by organisations and consultancies worldwide, Facet5 supports individuals, teams, leaders and businesses to realise their full potential.  Facet5 provides a model and language to explain how people differ in their behaviour, motivation and attitudes, and more importantly, what they can achieve.

Designed with People at its heart.

Facet5 believes understanding your personality – really, truly understanding it, provides an individual with a sense of their identify and the know-how to lead in a changing world.  Facet5 provides individuals with intuitive yet rich insight that can be applied immediately and enhanced over time, leading to positive developmental action.

Developed to meet business demands.

Facet5 was developed in response to client demand for speedy, practical information and to assist businesses and individuals at each stage of an employees’ journey through an organisation.  Available in over 33 languages, Facet5 is jargon free, and web-based for easy access all over the world.  A wide range of industry and country norm groups makes meaningful comparison simple.  

Facet5 enables organisations.

Facet5 provides an easy to understand framework and a simple common language that is readily adopted by individuals, teams and across organisations to help businesses realise their full potential. Facet5 has been designed by Psychologists for use within organisations, it helps people at all levels understand behaviour and what can be achieved.  Facet5 describes, explains and predicts behaviour in non-judgmental ways so individuals and teams alike can easily understand, adopt and apply the power of personality.  Facet5 is one of the most modern, comprehensive, reliable and precise measures of personality.  Facet5 was the Big Five model of personality in Europe.

Facet5 helps you to increase self-awareness and your ability to understand others. Facet5 is easy to understand and apply – it helps you to make a meaningful comparison to other in order to create better relationships.  Facet5 answers the key question: “what does it mean for me?”

Sound psychological theory.

Facet5 is the result of over 27 years of development using sound psychometric methods to create a model of personality that supports people development in all its forms. While Facet5 adhere strongly to scientific principles, they know that this means nothing unless it is easy to understand and apply.The five factor model of personality (or ‘Big 5’) is now widely accepted as the best way of describing the fundamental building blocks of personality. The Big 5 model consistently emerges from psychological research as the irreducible minimum needed to give a comprehensive description of personality and behaviour. Facet5 measures these five factors precisely and quickly to give an accurate and easily applied portrait of an individuals personality.

New Product Launches at the Facet5 Conference Warsaw

SuperSkills is a report focused on the 5 Supers-Skills of Great Conversations™. It shows how an individual is likely to show-up in conversations based on their personality. The report generates awareness of an individual’s natural Super-Skills profile and how they can leverage, manage and develop these skills to have more productive conversations.

Conversational skills are increasingly a core organisational competence, and the need for authentic, open dialogue within organisations has never been greater. Most line managers spend a lot of time having conversations , so improving the quality of these conversations is essential for improved organisational effectiveness. The 5 Super Skills of Great Conversations™ are the core skills that underpin all conversations we have. This means that equipping managers with the Super-Skills drives improvements in numerous conversations – including performance management, collaboration, career development and handling difficult conversations.

Organisational performance is improved one Great conversation at a time!

ToRQ is a measure of an individual’s practical work-based problem solving skills. ToRQ combines cutting edge testing processes with the power of personality to produce the next generation of cognitive assessment.  It is the combination of capability and character that provides the most accurate measure of an individual’s potential.

Organisations are looking for more accurate measures of not only the capability of an individual but to truly understand their potential. ToRQ is:

  • Relevant ToRQ items are work samples created to match the modern working environment
  • Secure ToRQ items are created ‘on-the-fly’ using precise design rules. No two items are ever identical, so answers cannot be copied and ‘leaked’
  • Realistic ToRQ uses Computer Adaptive Test processes to ensure people are faced with questions that are realistic for them
  • Fair ToRQ incorporates Response Latency Analysis to differentiate between people who differ in the speed with which they get to an answer
  • Comprehensive ToRQ can be used at any level from school leaver (entry level) to graduate or managerial

Spotlight is a development focused report based on Facet5. It provides individuals with a comprehensive summary of their Strengths and Risks of their personality profile as well as the Frustrations and Challenges associated with their individual style. Spotlight improves individual learning and development outcomes through heightened self-awareness and action planning.

Self-awareness is pivotal to individual development.  Training and development professionals can differ in how they choose to facilitate this, but few would deny its value and relevance. It is difficult to argue against the logic of approaching your development with a good understanding of your personal style and the attitudes, values and beliefs that drive it. This, together with an appreciation of how you might be seen by others, and a language for describing differences in behaviour, lend background, perspective and a framework to any developmental exercise.

Spotlight provides organisations with an effective means of building self-awareness – it is a pathway to change!

By attending the Facet5 Warsaw conference you will receive a free copy of your Spotlight Report!

Facet5GPS is your coach in your pocket! You will be delighted by this platform, when you learn about its possibilities!  Developing and maintain relationships are critical to being and feeling successful at work.  We engage and work with others on just about everything we do – imagine you now can understand how to work more effectively with others and how they compare to you?  You now can – the Facet5 GPS makes your Facet5 Profile available to you where ever you are.

Come along to the Facet5 Conference in Warsaw and learn more about the Facet5 GPS.  Receive your Spotlight profile on your GPS account at the conference

Norman Buckley: "Rola psychometrii w biznesie oraz budowanie dobrych relacji w środowiskach międzykulturowych"

Why attend? Here’s some reasons why!

Part 1: Facilitated conversation “Leadership – a Polish perspective”

  • We will facilitate a group discussion on the characteristics of effective Polish leaders of today and what is required for tomorrow. 
  • You will learn about the impact of differences in the national characters and discuss how they would influence the cooperation in international teams.
  • We will showcase a range of leadership development projects from our global clients.
  • You will learn about the 5 Super Skills needed in effective business conversations to improve organisational performance.
  • You will learn more about how organisations are increasing personal wellbeing and resilience and how this impacts the organisations bottom-line.
 After the conference you will receive:
  • A summary of the conversations.
  • The results of “National Character Research”.
  • A summary of the global leadership programs.
  • Your Facet5 profile and coaching session on your leadership style.
  • Your Facet5 SuperSkills report.
  • Your SpotLight and GPS account.

Part 2: (Afternoon session) “Facet5 in practice” 

  • You will learn how Facet5 supports recruitment, leadership development, team building, talent management and diversity programs. 
  • You will see Facet5 tools, which help leaders in coaching and mentoring.
  • We will present you trends in employee development from our global clients. 
  • You will discover the meaning of the 5 Super Skills of communication.
  • We will interactively look at the differences (and similarities) in nationalities and their impact on working in a global economy. 
After the conference you will receive:
  • Your SpotLight report and GPS Account
  • “Ice breakers” Facet5 manual and other giveaways
  • Ability to purchase Facet5 tools and special offers 


MORNING SESSIONS | 9.00 – 13.00 – a facilitated conversation on the Polish Leadership

AFTERNOON SESSIONS | 14.00 – 18.00 – Facet5 in Practice

Leadership - a Polish perspective. A facilitated conversation on the Polish Leader of the future.

The facilitators:

  • Norman Buckley (the Author of Facet5 and “The National Character research”,
  • Grant Gemmell (GM Facet5 and a consultant of many global leadership projects),
  • Dik Veenman (the President of  “The Right Conversation” company),
  • Tracy Arnold (the Head of Global Accounts)
  • Nina Sosińska (GM HR High Touch – Facet5 Polska)
  • Piotr Sosiński (responsible for Facet5 Development in Poland).

The program:


A facilitated conversation on the leadership challenges facing Polish companies.

National character differences – what we should be aware of? What does globalization bring us and how should we work in intercultural teams?

What are the best global leadership development practices and how we can adopt them in Poland? Global view of present and future leadership with Facet5 perspective – what does Facet5 deep research tell us?

Challenges and Supers Skills of leaders today. The case of conversation – the leader of the future.

Personal Wellbeing and increasing organizational resilience. What others do and how would you increase it?

Lunch 13.00 – 14.00
Afternoon sessions - Facet5 in practice (14.00-18.00)
  • How has Facet5 supported the implementation of large international leadership development projects and talent management?
  • The SuperSkills of Great conversations how you can improve organisational performance one conversation at a time
  • How does Facet5 improve the effectiveness of recruitment and selection processes? – Audition and ToRQ
  • Team creativity – TeamScape for practitioners (The ‘4D’ Model: Diagnose, Design, Deliver and Develop)
  • Team creativity – TeamScape for practitioners (4 D: Diagnose, Design, Deliver and Develop)
  • Creating great relationships with the
  • Case Study: Facet5 i SLR in ATOS S.A. global development programs:
    • Possibilities and limits
    • Feedback and new technologies
  • Case Study: Talent under the microscope – can you effectively measure and match personality to company needs?
    • The journey of Talent in your organisation – how to make personal decisions at every stage from the selection of candidates to building the teams?
    • When the pace of the recruitment process becomes more important and we want to employ the best matching process.
    • The Facet5 system in practice – would anybody want to use other methods?


Norman Buckley

 Norman Lee Buckley

Norman Lee Buckley

Norman Buckley is a specialist with over 40 years experience in test development and organisational work. His work focuses on delivering  practical organisational benefits underpinned by deep psychological understanding.

Norman graduated in Psychology in Sydney and gained initial experience with an Australian consulting organisation. From 1978 he ran his own UK company, pioneering the use of custom-built assessment and development processes. He worked extensively on biographical and personality data analysis.

Facet5 was launched in January 1990, based on ten years of research in personality theory. Norman has continued to develop the tool since and, Facet5 is now a fully web-enabled, multi-lingual approach to personality. The base personality assessment drives a range of diagnostic tools covering individual differences, leadership, corporate culture, team working and the environment. These tools take a common approach and use a non-technical vocabulary to transform the way organisations manage their human capability, thus delivering superior performance.

Norman’s extensive experience of psychometric and assessment methods, and questionnaire design underlies his continuing development of numerous innovative assessment and development centres. He has huge experience in training managers to use assessment techniques and in delivering programmes of assessment, counselling and development. He worked for many years as a consultant to newly privatised organisations as they moved from research bodies to commercial entities.

Norman travels extensively to support business partners in the EU, USA, South America and Asia Pacific. His clients include global consultancies, multi-nationals in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, aviation, cosmetics, telecommunications, financial services, transportation, food and tobacco sectors, as well as in central and local government departments and education. However, he now concentrates primarily on research and development while providing in depth support to the global network of Facet5 partners.

Norman’s current interests focus on analysis of national character, cross cultural assessment, the creation of culture free ability measures and the interaction between personality and problem solving style.

Norman has just started to write a book about Facet5.

Grant Gemmell

 Grant Gemmell

Grant is the Global Head of Operations for Facet5, providing support to Facet5 Partners and Customers around the world. Grant has over twenty years of experience acoss a range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, retail, energy and consulting companies.  Grant graduated with a degree in Botanical sciences and then obtained a master’s degree in Human Resource and Leadership. He has managed Human Resources departments, OD teams and change teams, introducing large transformation programmes using Facet5.

Grant collaborates with Facet5 clients and provides them with accurate advice on how they can fully realise the potential of their employees and organisation. Grant has been working with Facet5 for over 10 years. He delivers accreditation workshops and training in over 27 countries. Grant’s great passion is to help Facet5 practitioners and their clients realise their potential by better understanding their strengths that make them unique. Grant also works with the Authors on new tools and products that support continuous development and increase the understanding and possibilities of using Facet5.

Tracy Arnold

Tracy Arnold

Tracy had her ‘first’ career as a senior business development and customer insight leader in the entertainment sector for more than 15 years. She successfully set up business development functions, responsible for people management, retail and brand partnerships, bespoke product development and implementation of strategy. As Head of Global Clients for Facet5 Ltd she now partners with global clients mixing her relational approach with a healthy dose of pragmatism and creativity to enable meaningful partnerships. As a master trainer and practitioner of Facet5 she passionately believes in the power of personal insight as the catalyst for individual, team and organisational development and growth. She is analytical and believes that data and insight used robustly can build shared meaning and support organisations to improve their performance.

Tracy is motivated by building relationships with clients that are equitable and real so together we can support the development of their internal talent and capability through personal insight. I am passionate about supporting individuals and teams to recognise their most deeply held values, strengths and preferences and how to use them to realise their potential.

Dik Veenman

 Dik Veenman

Dik Veenman is the founder and managing director of The Right Conversation a London-based consulting training and research firm which focuses on improving the quality of dialogue inside organizations with a particular focus on improving the quality of performance management conversations. He has more than 20 years of experience working at senior executive levels and has advised business leaders on all aspects of organizational dialogue in many different sectors and geographies. His clients include organizations such as the BBC, Bank of England, Presidential Flight ®Abu Dhabi, Toyota, GB, Virgin Trains, The Prime Minister’s Office in Dubai, EY, Experian, Thales, British Telecom, National Express, National Bank of Saudi Arabia and Old Mutual.

Magdalena Lewandowska

 Magdalena Lewandowska

Magdalena związana jest z branżą HR od 2006 roku. Od 5 lat zajmuje się projektowaniem oraz wdrażaniem globalnych programów rozwoju umiejętności przywódczych ( License 2 Lead, License 2 Coach, Client Management Academy) w firmie Atos działającej w branży IT. Pracuje jako Head of People Excellence and Organizational Development, odpowiadając za strategię zarządzania kompetencjami w globalnym pionie Workplace and Service Desk Services liczącym 12 000 osób na całym świecie.

Posiada wykształcenie humanistyczne, ukończyła podyplomowe studia z coachingu oraz zarządzania zasobami ludzkimi. Od lat zafascynowana rozwojem umiejętności, współpracą międzynarodową oraz podnoszeniem efektywności w połączeniu z programem Wellbeing at work. Pracując z kadrą menedżerską wdraża różne inicjatywy i programy HR w skali globalnej: od Azji, przez Europę, Afrykę po Amerykę Północną i Południową. Z powodzeniem stosuje narzędzia psychometryczne oraz badania 360 stopni jako nieodłączny element globalnych programów rozwojowych.

Beata Wolska

 Beata Wolska

Beata Wolska– pedagog, doradca zawodowy, coach kariery, trener rozwoju osobistego
|i zawodowego, szkoleniowiec w zakresie zarządzania zasobami ludzkimi.

Absolwentka studiów podyplomowego z coachingu profesjonalnego na Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego w Warszawie. W latach 2009 – 2015 na Uniwersytecie Jana Kochanowskiego w Piotrkowie Trybunalskim  była wykładowcą licznych przedmiotów związanych
z zarządzaniem zasobami ludzkimi, doradztwem zawodowym, projektowaniem szkoleń
i przedsiębiorczością, a także inicjatorem, współtwórcą i kierownikiem studiów podyplomowych na kierunku Doradztwo zawodowe i personalne.

Od 2008 roku związana z branżą agencji pracy i doradztwa personalnego. Od 2013 roku w Randstad Polska. Wykorzystywała swoją wiedzę w praktyce w trakcie projektów rekrutacji i selekcji kandydatów na stanowiska niższego, średniego i wyższego szczebla.  Realizowała projekty szkoleniowe z zakresu doradztwa personalnego, rozwoju osobistego i zawodowego, coachingu. Współpracowała przy projektach outplacementowych w oparciu o swój autorski program.

Obecnie na stanowisku HR Projects Coordinator na terenie całej Polski odpowiada za projektowanie, przygotowywanie, koordynowanie i realizowanie programów outplacementu indywidualnego
i grupowego, projektów badania, oceny i zarządzania kompetencjami pracowników, testów psychometrycznych (system Facet5 ), Assessment Centre/Development Centre, doradztwa zawodowego i personalnego, coachingu indywidulanego i grupowego, warsztatów rozwojowych, szkoleń miękkich z obszaru HR, badania motywacji
i satysfakcji z pracy, badania nastrojów i opinii pracowniczych, badania zaangażowania w pracę.

We współpracy z Fundacją ZwrotNa realizuje projekt edukacyjny współfinansowany przez Biuro Edukacji Warszawy, w ramach którego młodzież gimnazjalna i ponadgimnazjalna przygotowuje się do funkcjonowania na rynku pracy XXI wieku, kształcenia przez całe życie, aktywnego poszukiwania swojej drogi zawodowej.

Autorka publikacji w mediach branży HR,  na portalu i w serwisie Entuzjastka i pasjonatka swojej pracy.  Łączy świat nauki ze światem biznesu. Mottem, które przyświeca jej
w realizacji celów zawodowych i w życiu prywatnym jest: „Nie zapalisz w ludziach tego, co w Tobie się nie pali”

Nina Sosińska

  Nina Sosińska

Nina – nauczyciel, trener, coach, facylitator i konsultant rozwojem zawodowym pracowników zajmuje się ponad 35 lat. Nina ukończyła studia z zakresu HR, PR oraz wiele szkoleń na temat tego, jak skutecznie uczyć i rozwijać pracowników. Uczestniczyła w kilku ważnych programach rozwoju osobistego, takich jak: “The Art and Science of Coaching”, “Relating Forward Coaching”, „Train the Trainer”, „The Master Facilitator ” oraz „The Ultimate Personal Development Program” (Blair Singer Training Academy), Drum Circle Facilitation oraz Music Medicine (Christine Stevens) oraz Quantum Leap (Success Resources). Uzyskała tytuł Oświeconego Wojownika nadawany przez Success Resources.

Nina rozpoczęła pracę w 1984 roku jako nauczyciel. Od 1992 roku przez 16 lat zajmowała się rozwojem pracowników w dużych międzynarodowych organizacjach : Unilever, Oriflame, Shell, Oce, Altadis i Metsa Tissue. Budowała w tych firmach różnego typu programy rozwoju, opracowywała podręczniki, procedury i strategie HR. Uczestniczyła we wprowadzaniu wielu zmian organizacyjnych i kulturowych.

Nina w 2004 roku otrzymała tytuł laureatki konkursu „Dyrektor Personalny Roku 2004”. W roku 2006 wygrała konkurs „Najlepsza Strategia HR” realizowany podczas konferencji Kadry.

W 2006 roku Nina założyła firmę: HR High Touch, która od 2007 jest wyłącznym partnerem biznesowym Facet5 Ltd. w Polsce.

Od tego czasu pomaga konsultantom, trenerom, coachom i mentorom w planowaniu oraz w realizacji projektów rekrutacji oraz rozwoju zawodowego wspieranego przez rzetelne i nowoczesne narzędzia psychometryczne.

Nina jestem autorką dwóch książek: „Magia Rozwoju Talentów” i „Magia Motywacji”.

“Magia Rozwoju Talentów” została wyróżniona przez czytelników jako jedna z tych książek, które miały największy wpływ na ich rozwój zawodowy:

Pasją Niny jest dzielenie się informacjami na temat rozwoju talentów – opublikowała wiele artykułów na ten temat oraz prowadzi bloga:

Piotr Sosiński

 Piotr Sosiński

Prawnik, międzynarodowy trener i partner biznesowy Facet5 Global, na codzień współpracujący z UK i Australią. Wyłączny dytrybutor w Polsce systemu badania osobowości zawodowej Facet5, posiadający ponad 10 letnie doświadczenie w sprzedaży międzynarodowych usług przeznaczonych dla HR. Pracuje z przedstawicielami różnych kultur i narodowości z 42 krajów posługujących się na codzień 44 językami na 6 kontynentach. W ciągu ostatnich 10 lat pracy w Polsce przyczynił się do wykonania ponad 8500 badań Facet5. Od 2008 roku jest międzynarodowym trenerem Facet5. Piotr posiada uprawnienia do przeprowadzania szkoleń certyfikacyjnych w zakresie wszystkich modułów systemu Facet5, w tym do prowadzenia warsztatów akredytacyjnych Facet5 oraz warsztatów Spotlight Facet5, Audition i Backdrop Facet5, SLR Facet5 oraz warsztatów TeamScape Facet5.

Jego rodzina profilowa Facet5 to przedsiębiorca. Piotr pomaga ludziom biznesu osiągać zaplanowane cele przez dostarczanie skutecznych narzędzi biznesowych. Pracuje m. in. z zarządami firm, średnią i wyższą kadrą menedżerską, przedsiębiorcami, ale także z konsultantami zaczynającymi od zera. Uwielbia dobrą kawę, prawdziwe Gelato, irlandzkiego Jamesona, odwiedził blisko 20 krajów. Jego wizją jest dostarczenie światu narzędzi pozwalających na wykreowanie skutecznej zmiany w biznesie i życiu osobistym.


After choosing your ticket type, please enter your billing and contact details for each participant. After receiving the completed form, we will contact you by phone with details of your participation in the conference.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email:

Nina Sosińska: tel.: 501 139 700

Piotr Sosiński:  tel.: 698 656 696

Norman Buckley: „Facet5 – for leaders”
Nina Sosińska: „Why Facet5?”


Golden Floor Tower, Chłodna 51, 00-001 Warszawa


Golden Floor Tower, Chłodna 51, 00-001 Warszawa